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the units you can do through AIM Business School including details of contents and expected learning outcomes.

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This unit explores the theories and principles of strategic decision making. It is designed to help develop your awareness and competency in making thorough, insightful, effective and creative strategic decisions that are in line with organisational  resources  and capabilities.

This unit covers:

› The decision making environment

›  Decision making approaches

› Probability, uncertainty and their influence on decision handling and outcomes

› Political, resource limitation, human bias and other decision modifiers

› Decision making activities

› Implementing decisions

›  Persuasive communication of decision outcomes

› Managing the aftermath of decision making, enabling change or strengthening the status quo

On completion of this unit, you should be able to:

› Describe the essential and critical phases of the decision making process

› Identify appropriate rational, quantitative, qualitative and intuitive approaches to creatively make decisions in a range of organisational circumstances

› Act independently or as a member of a decision making group in the tasks of making a management decision

› Apply a systems or holistic perspective to the creation and implementation of decisions within an organisation

› Demonstrate a high order of skills in analysis, critical evaluation and professional  application


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