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The major approaches to business research design and conduct are under scrutiny in this unit. You will review the historical foundations and contemporary influences on the various ways in which research is utilized and understood. Exploring both the qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, this unit develops frameworks for the application of each to business problems.

This unit covers:

›  Introduction to research methodology

›  Theoretical frameworks and research

› Literature review

› Phenomenological approaches

›  Qualitative research design

›  Positivist approaches

› Measurement of constructs & variables

› Survey design

›  Selecting a research methodology

›  Sample design

› Planning and writing the methodology, design and preparing a report

› Communicating the design to an audience

On completion of this unit, you should be able to:

› Produce a written literature review document

› Access electronic database resources using various retrieval techniques

›  Critically evaluate research-focused business literature

› Produce a research proposal that demonstrates:

–    Understanding of the major approaches and strategies of business research and the

methodological choices that are available within the alternative approaches

–    Understanding of the various aspects of a research design

–    Application of quantitative or qualitative methods of data gathering and analysis utilized in business research

–    Identification and management of the ethical and political aspects of business research


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