Here you’ll find descriptions of each of
the units you can do through AIM Business School including details of contents and expected learning outcomes.

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This unit introduces you to the foundations of financial management including the terminology, principles, frameworks and theoretical models that underpin accounting and finance. You will learn how financial principles can be used to better inform your organisation’s operational activities and apply these principles ethically to underpin responsible financial management and help build sustainable enterprises.

This unit covers:

  • ›  The business environment
  • ›  Financial accounting
  • › Cost behavior, cost-volume-profit and short term decisions
  • › Budgeting
  • › Background to finance and introduction to financial mathematics
  • › Capital investment decisions
  • ›  Financing decisions

On completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • › Understand the financial context of business
  • › Interpret financial statements
  • › Use appropriate ratios to determine financial status
  • ›  Prepare and negotiate realistic budgets
  • › Plan to maximize return from financial resources
  • ›  Evaluate and represent investment proposals
  • ›  Analyse a company’s financial position
  • › Think and act in an ethical and sustainable manner
  • › Understand and analyse costs and apply costing principles in decision making