Here you’ll find descriptions of each of
the units you can do through AIM Business School including details of contents and expected learning outcomes.

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Addressing operations in organizations across the globe, this unit looks at how they are assimilating quality assurance with holistic systems management practices. It will encourage you to consider approaches to operational improvement taking a systems view.

This unit covers:

  • Operations strategy
  • Operations performance
  • Substitutes for strategy
  • Capacity strategy
  • Purchasing and supply strategy
  • Process technology strategy
  • Improvement strategy
  • Product and service development and its organisation
  • The process of operations strategy – formulation,
  • implementation, monitoring and control

On completion of this unit, you should be able to:

› Analyze organizations in terms of systems, processes, and activities

› Evaluate and apply a holistic management framework for  sustainable  organizational excellence

› Use a framework to continually improve the ‘quality of management’ as well as the ‘management of quality’

› Evaluate methodologies to implement empowerment of people and a customer focus

› Evaluate and apply best practice techniques to develop learning organizations

› Demonstrate a high order of skill in analysis, critical thinking and professional application

› Demonstrate creativity and flexibility in the application of knowledge and skills to new situations, to resolve problems and to think rigorously and independently